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a birthday cake
a decorated cake on a table
a birthday cake with lit candles
a white plate topped with a piece of cake on a table
a large white cake sitting on top of a table
a close up of a pink cake

Custom Cake Orders


Pre-Order Custom Cakes for a Celebration of any Size!

All cake orders require 48 hours notice prior to pick up or reservation.

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Please select cake size

Please select your cake flavor

Gluten Free or Traditional Cake?

Please select your frosting flavor

Frosted or Naked?

Please select your crunchies

Crunchies are layered between the frosting and cake.

Please select your filling

Fillings are between the layers of cakes in addition to the selected frosting flavor

Please select your drizzle flavor

Drizzle is spread down the side of the cake. If "colored drizzle" selected, please leave your preferred color in the text box at the bottom.

Please select your toppings

If candy is selected, please leave preferred candy in the text box below.

Please enter preferred color drizzle or candy options if selected from "drizzles" or "toppings" sections

Message on cake:

Will you be picking up the cake or enjoying in-house with a reservation?

Please tell us the date, time and name of the reservation? If picking up, please tell us the date, time and name of who will be picking up your order.

** All cake orders require 48 hours notice. Orders submitted after 48 hours will be refunded as we are unable to accommodate such requests. For questions, email

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